Do you need a business breakup lawyer?

  • Are you a business owner or a shareholder in a private company trapped in a business relationship that is becoming racked with conflict?
  • Are you stuck in silent toxic disagreement with your co-founder over key issues? 
  • Are you an accountant, financial adviser or business coach struggling to advise your client how to make head way with their business goals but being blocked by a co-owner of the business.
  • Are you a shareholder in a private company but unable to extract your fair share of the value of the company?
  • Is a "silent investor" in your business trying to exclude you from setting strategy in your own business?
  • Are you thinking of setting up on your own and worried about whether the business will try to stop you using your industry connections?
  • Is a co-owner or employee trying to steal a valuable part of your business? 
  • Looking at starting a business with a co-founder and need some experienced advice on how to protect yourselves from trouble later on?
How much easier it is to join bad companions than to shake them off!
— Winston Churchill

I am Fiona McLay and I am an experienced commercial litigation lawyer based in Sydney Australia.   For the past ten years I have been helping business owners resolve these type of disputes.

I love helping people with practical, objective advice so they can understand their options and make better decisions.  I want to help my clients get out of broken business relationships and back to doing good work as soon as possible.

This blog is about what I see is important and useful for doing good work, avoiding disputes when you can, and when they can not be avoided, getting the right outcome.

I love engaging with ideas and people through digital and social media.  I share the good stuff I come across.

I am fascinated by the opportunities available through new tools and technology.  I am trying to learn as much as I can about where innovative ideas are taking us.

I believe we 

Break up Business Better

If you would like to talk to me and find out if an experienced commercial litigation lawyer could help, you can reach me on 02 9023 9114 or