About me



I’m Fiona McLay, a mobile lawyer based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia.

I love helping business owners resolve conflict between them, without the drama.  Resolving the conflict lets them get on with achieving their business goals. 

I get a kick out of being able to bring some empathy, some objectivity and a keen sense of fair play to difficult problems that are causing pain and paralysis in the business. 

I work with my clients, and their advisers, to get to the bottom of the situation, help them understand their options and then chose the best strategy. 

If the business relationship cannot be salvaged I want to achieve a equitable split of the business the owners worked so hard on - in a way that makes sense and doesn't destroy the value of the ongoing business.  

In July 2018 I joined Rankin Business Lawyers.  Rankin Business Lawyers is all about making first class legal service accessible to any business.  We are easy to get hold of, don't talk a lot of jargon and we don't sit on the fence.  It is built around the belief that the provision of top quality legal services, and a positive client experience, only happens when our lawyers are themselves inspired and happy.  

Having worked in a BigLaw firm, a mid-tier and a small law firm in Sydney for over 20 years I’ve seen way too many unhappy lawyers. I blame much of the unhappiness on a traditional business model which is focused more on rigid daily billing targets than effective outcomes.  At Rankin Business Lawyers I can focus on working smarter and delivering better value to my clients.

I can work anywhere - so I can come to you or talk on the phone or by video.  I work in the city when I need to but I’m not missing the daily commute (even if it was a spectacular ferry ride across Sydney harbour).  These days I prefer to have my morning coffee by the ocean.

I soak up as much as I can about developments in technology that are improving the way lawyers work. I love learning and talking about digital transformation of the legal industry.  I regularly attend and present at LegalTech events.  I see so much potential for collaboration in the legal industry to take advantage of these new tools, even for us non coder types.  I hope this blog can be part of that conversation.